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关于我们 / 校长致词

ASTA School of Business and Technology is a professional language and business school in Singapore. It aspires for academic excellence and innovation in the field of education and envisions us to provide an array of high quality educational and technological trainings for students’ advancement and bring the best education.

Our school has implemented and updated our curriculam with innovative teaching strategies, instructional materials, conducive classroom environment to ensure that they measure up to quality education and to the dynamics of the business world today and beyond. ASTA School of Business offers international language courses in English, Japanese and Chinese. We also offer Engineering technology and LCCI courses for certificates and diplomas which are taught by our professional and experienced teachers.

As part of achieving total quality education, our students will be trained and equipped to meet the demand of world’s education and technology and create a solid foundation of their language, business and technology skills that would bridge them to global competitiveness.

With our pursuit of education, we believe in sharing great opportunities to students and teachers that could be explored and prepared them for their future career advancement here in Singapore and all over the world. Come and join us! Ms Tan Chunwei

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